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How to do Government Affairs in Brazil

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How to do Government Affairs in Brazil (Text)

CELUPPI ADVOGADOS and RADAR GOVERNAMENTAL are very pleased to present the guide “How to do Government Affairs in Brazil”, a manual on government relations activity, the result of a great partnership signed with the American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil (Amcham-Brasil).

This guide addresses the practical context of the activity, both national and globally, in all spheres of action: federal, state and municipal. In addition to the practical context, you will also find information about the tools used for the good exercise of the profession, including the functioning of the division of powers in Brazil and its related regulatory competence, without forgetting to mention the importance of the relationship between Government Affairs and compliance. Furthermore, an overview of ESG and Government Affairs and how these two concepts complement each other is also presented.

Through this guide, CELUPPI ADVOGADOS and RADAR GOVERNMENTAL aim to share all the experience acquired over the years, promoting knowledge and making it easily accessible to interested parties, as well as stimulating the professionalization of the activity, still general unknown and often confused with illegal activities.
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