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Doing business in Campinas (Text)

Located in one of the richest regions of Brazil, Campinas is a medium-sized city with 1.1 million inhabitants, and 3 million people if considered the entire metropolitan area. The excellent location (96 km from the state capital of São Paulo) makes it one of the 10 most prosperous cities in Brazil, with a GDP of 24 billion US dollars. The GDP of the city is equivalent to several Latin American countries, such as Bolivia and Paraguay.  In relation to GDP per capita, it is about USD 19,820, higher than the state average which is about USD 17,301. Campinas has more than 70,000 companies and it is Brazil’s third largest manufacturing region. Furthermore, 50 of the world’s 500 largest companies are based in the city and its metropolitan area.

In many aspects, Campinas is one of the most attractive places for investment in Brazil. Its competitive advantages include a solid logistics infrastructure, a framework for research and workforce training, and a diversified production system.


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