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Text How to invest in Rio Grande do Sul

Recent data on Rio Grande do Sul economic performance provides evidence of the state’s dynamism. In 2013, the growth of the state’s gross domestic product (GDP) led the national ranking, with a 5.8% increase, while the overall Brazilian rate was 2.3%. In addition, RS saw 6.8% industrial production growth, ahead of the 1.2% national average. Unemployment statistics (3.5%) and exports (+44.3%) also highlight Rio Grande do Sul’s economic performance in comparison with the national average.

These results are a reflection of a combination of different factors, such as Rio Grande do Sul’s strategic location, the diversity of its economy and an environment that is favorable to business. It also reflects the work done by the state through its Industrial Policy, drawn up to promote Rio Grande do Sul’s economic development. All these aspects are described in detail in this publication, which aims to supply interested parties with the information necessary to make investments in the state.


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