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Doing Business with Charlotte and North Carolina (Dezembro 2010)

The Charlotte region, in the American state of North Carolina, was looking for investment from Brazilian Companies. A delegation came to Brazil to explain the advantages of the location and the incentives that are offered by the government.

“This is a good opportunity to Brazilian companies that aim to become international. Amcham has developed several actions to help companies in its expansion process behind the borders, at the same time, working to attract investments to Brazil” said Camila Moura, International Affairs Manager at Amcham Brazil in the opening of the event “ Doing business in Charlotte and North Carolina"

“We are here in an aggressive mission to attract investment  to Charlotte. The region is growing and this initiative is important to promote an sustainable environment, generating more jobs”, said Ronnie Bryant, president and CEO of the Charlotte Regional Partnership, a promoting business organization.

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Doing Business with Indiana (April 2011)

The Indiana state, in the USA, wishes to be a platform for expansion of IT Brazilian companies in the North America.

This was the Indiana representatives main message in its mission to Brazil, during the event “Doing Business in Indiana”, occurred on April, 27th of 2011in Sao Paulo and promoted by Amcham in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Information Technology and Communication Companies (Brasscom) and also the incentive agency Develop Indy.

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Doing Business with Florida (October 2011)

During a visit to Brazil, the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, tried to sought to deepen trade and investment partnership between the American state and the largest economy in Latin America.

Scott, that led a delegation with more than 200 companies, attended, on October, 26th, 2011, to the event “Doing Business with Florida”, accomplished by Amcham in partnership with Enterprise Florida, agency of economic development for the state. The meeting was one of the highlights on delegation’s agenda in the country, started on October, 21st. The mission agenda contemplated meting the Brazilian private sector in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Doing Business with Massachusetts (November 2011)

During the visit of the governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, and his delegation to Brazil, Brazilian academy and companies representatives evaluated that Brazil needs of venture capital to advance in alternative energy. In this field, according to them, Brazil has a lot to learn from the American state.

Clean energies, was the focus of a special discussion group in the "Massachusetts Brazil Innovation – Economy Mission 2011 Forum” organized by the Santander bank with Amcham’s support on December, 7th in Sao Paulo.


Doing Business with Houston (March 2012)

The Houston City, the fourth largest in the USA, wants to attract Brazilian investments, offering a good logistical and technologic infrastructure. “I came to confirm that the Houston City Hall will have an active role with the businessman that work with us, offering them all necessary resources and contacts” said Annise Parker, mayor of Houston.

Ms. Parker was at Amcham Sao Paulo on March, 26th, to discuss the Houston economic advantages with Brazilian businessmen. The dynamism of its economy based in petroleum, aerospace, and medical, prepared the city to tackle the financial crisis of 2008 with more features. "Houston was the last city to feel the effects of the crisis, and the first to go," said

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Doing Business with Missouri (April 2012)

Education is the most important engine of a strong economy. This evaluation is from governor of the Missouri, Mr. Jay Nixon, who defended that the investment in training and the employees’ development are the best ways to make a company growth. He joined a breakfast with some entrepreneurs at Amcham Sao Paulo during the trade mission “Doing Business with Missouri”

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Doing Business with Georgia (April 2012)

Agribusiness is the biggest industry in Georgia, corresponding to more the 17% of the American GDP, or something like US$66,8 billions of a local economy of US$403 billions.

Brazil, as one of the leaders of the sector, offers numerous opportunities for business in the sector, according to the Lt. Governor, Casey Cagle evaluation.

“This is the biggest industry of Georgia and we are very proud of it”, said Cagle in an interview after participating of a business lunch at Amcham Sao Paulo, on April, 11th. “I believe that this is the sectors that can provide us the most phenomenal opportunities between companies.”

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Doing Business with Carolinas (May 2012)

Offering fiscal incentives and access to ports and busiest airports, the American states of North and South Carolina are ready to receive more Brazilian investments.

“We are strong on the sectors of renewable energy, (solar and wind), aerospace, biotechnology, and financial services. These are the four areas where we can find synergies in Brazil”, said Ronnie Bryant, president and CEO of the Charlotte Regional Partnership, the trade promotion agency of the two states, meeting with business executives at the Amcham Sao Paulo.

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Doing Business with Atlanta (November 2012)

"The system of highways, railways and ports make Atlanta a distribution center for all U.S. markets," said Jorge Fernandez, vice president for International Affairs of the Chamber of Commerce of Atlanta

Fernandez was at Amcham Sao Paulo with a business delegation from the city on November  7th to present the economic advantages of the city to the representatives of Brazilian companies present at the event.

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Doing Business with Los Angeles (November2012)

Followed by a group of entrepreneurs, the mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa visited Amcham Sao Paulo to showcase investment and business  opportunities in the second most populous city in the United States. Doing Business with LA event took place in Sao Paulo and was attended by over 100 guests.

During the meeting with businessmen in the country, the democrat lamented that currently the major destinations of Brazil to the United States are the cities of New York and Miami.

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Doing Business with Carolinas (December 2012)

The states of North Carolina and South Carolina are negotiating the establishment of three Brazilian companies in its territory. The talks began in May after a commercial delegation visited Brazil to seek partners and promote the region.

Ronni Briant, who heads trade mission of the two states attended a meeting with Brazilian businessmen and executives at Amcham - São Paulo. The states of North Carolina and South Carolina have brought delegations seeking investors since 2010.

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Doing Business with Arkansas (March 2013)

The American state of Arkansas is known for being the birthplace of former President Bill Clinton and megacorporations like Wal-Mart and Tyson Foods, but offers many other attractions.

A land rich in mineral resources, which gave Arkansas the nickname 'Natural State' in the U.S., and the well-educated workforce make the region a partner with great potential for Brazil in segments such as agribusiness, logistics and technology. "There is room for all kinds of investments," says Herbert Morales, Business Director for Latin America of the World Trade Center Arkansas – the institution that carries out commercial promotion of the state in the world.

Ahead of the Arkansas trade delegation, Morales was at Amcham Sao Paulo to publicize the economic potential of the state and foster bilateral business. The occasion also marked the launch of the Arkansas Highlights guide, produced by Amcham in partnership with the Arkansas World Trade Center.

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Doing Business with Michigan (May 2013)

The American state of Michigan, known for its auto industry, wants to increase its international competitiveness with the help of Brazilian companies. The lieutenant governor of Michigan, Brian Calley visited Brazil searching for private investment to your local region.

The automotive industry is the most developed, but there are investment opportunities in various sectors. "Besides vehicles, we have great chemical, aerospace, food and financial services," he said during the business meeting Doing Business with Michigan, held by Amcham  Sao Paulo in partnership with Michigan economic Development Corporation (MEDC), economic development agency of the state.

On occasion, Calley attended the launch of the launch of the Michigan Highlights, business guide containing economic information about the state and returned to investors.

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Doing Business in Utah (Sept 2013)

With an entourage of 20 businessmen from different sectors, the U.S. state of Utah sent representatives to Brazil to attract investment. The group met with the Amcham Brazil - São Paulo, on 23/09, to promote the competitive advantages "Utahans."

"We have already introduced Portuguese classes in many schools in the state," said Vincent Mikolay, director of Disclosure and International Trade Department of Economic Development of Utah.

The state in the Midwest, brings together industries such as aerospace, IT and healthcare, and has logistics facilities.

With the delegation, was Mr. Gary Neeleman, Honorary Consul from Brazil in Utah, who received honorary citizen award from the city of Sao Paulo for his efforts in improving the relation between Brazil and Utah.

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Special Meeting of the International Affairs Committee ( September 2013 )

The U.S. economy is attractive to Brazilian investors, says U.S. Consul in Sao Paulo , Dennis Hankins . " We are in a time of economic transition and this movement comes with a change in all states economy," he said.

He attended the Special Meeting of International Affairs Committee, at Amcham - São Paulo on September 19th, with Bruno Drummond and Michel de Amorim, from Drummond CPA LCC  that developed the guide How to | Como abrir empresas nos Estados Unidos, in partnership with the Amcham.

The meeting also brought a presentation on U.S. visas for Brazilian workers , conducted by Fernanda Braga , from Atene Consultoria Jurídica em Imigração, partner on the How To | Como entender imigração e obter visto para os Estados Unidos publication.

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Doing Business with Oregon ( March 2014)

The Amcham - São Paulo had the honor to have on Tuesday (18/03) , a delegation of Brazilian businessmen and the state development agency, Business Oregon , offering advice and assistance to those interested in investing in the state . The meeting attended a breakfast and attended by over 40 people , was an opportunity to exchange information and encouraged the search for commercial partnerships.

The speakers were: Tim McCabe , director of Business Oregon ; Samantha Carl Yoder , deputy consul general of the United States and Milton Flávio Lautenschlager, undersecretary of renewable energy of the state of São Paulo.

Oregon is a benchmark in manufacturing , clean technology , forestry and wood products , and records one of the highest economic growth in the United States . In 2012 , the state had a GDP of $ 198.7 billion. Also, is one of the ten states with the lowest cost of doing business and one of the five higher quality of life.

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