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Missouri Highlights

Amcham Brazil, the Consulate General of Brazil in Chicago and Apex-Brasil are pleased to continue the series “Radiography of the Midwestern States of the USA” with the publication on opportunities in the state of Missouri. The scope of this initiative is to offer companies and investors based in Brazil, interested in internationalizing their business, a multifaceted panorama and relevant information about the potential of one of the most vigorous economic regions in the US.

With a mostly industrial economy, the state of Missouri has the 4th most diversified economy in the United States, evidenced by the wide variety of local industries, in sectors such as chemical, aerospace and food industry. In addition, the state maintains a strong tradition in agricultural activities and has recently invested significantly in agricultural technology companies – AgTechs.

The “Missouri Highlights” guide presents the main data on the state's economic and infrastructure potential and an overview of the trade relationship between Missouri and Brazil, in addition to an analysis of opportunities for subsectors of Brazilian products and the successful case of internationalization of the Sugarcane Technology Center (CTC) to the state.

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